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Single System Flat Knitting Needle (CLJ)

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Single System Flat Knitting Needle (CLJ)


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Single system flat knitting needle Warping needle, raschel needle Computerized jacquard circular knitting machine for plush textile machinery enhance the density of the fabric, Computerized jacquard circular knitting machine for plush textile machineryMachine parametersCylinder diameter: 24/610mm27/686mmCylinder grade: E14/ 1056 needle (24)E12/ 1056 needle (27)E14/ 1176 needle (27)Feeds routes: 18Cylinder speed: 40r/minMain motor power: 7.5kwWeaving needles model: 88.82Features: 1. With complete up-to-date computer-controlled system, the state of working equipment, automatic fault diagnosis, automatic alarm or other related records could be displayed on the screen2. New added technology of broken needle detector improves the quality of jacquard knitting effectively. 3. The head of comb is designed to be more reasonable while the feeding speed and quantity are controlled more effectively, which make it adjustable according to the differences of fabric material, widening its practical scope. 4. The design of adjustable tile can keep those rotating parts such as cylinders working in their best condition and rotating more smoothly and steadily. It can be much easier and more convenient to maintain the machines. 5. Cloth roller adapts magnetic-pull-control system, being the most advanced in the world. It is able to adjust the pull force according to requests, improving the fur weaving quality. 6. Both of Uphill angle and downhill angle use advanced A and B blocks in order to make working parts such as needle and sinker work with more accuracy and coordination. It is possible to make it a reality to freely change the blocks in the same places with similar blocks. 7. New improved density adjusting equipment provides convenience and accuracy to adjust density of every route, which makes it easy to adjust the machine and simple to operate. 8. The storage of cloth is increased, making it more suitable for production. 9. This product features the advantages of imported machines as respect to appearance and structure and may compare favorably with imported machines.
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