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High Quality Plastic Textile Tfo Bobbin

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High Quality Plastic Textile Tfo Bobbin
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Manufacture and supply a broad spectrum of TFO Bobbin. This bobbin is manufactured by utilizing superior grade plastic under guidance with the help of innovative techniques. It is widely used in garment and textile industry for wrapping threads. Moreover. this TFO Bobbin is available for our valuable clients in various colors. shapes. and sizes at the most reasonable rates.Features:High durabilityCompact design Fine finish Easy to fix ONEREEL`S INJECTION MOULDED PLASTIC YARN CARRIER DYE TUBES / DYE CONES FOR YARN STEAMING & DYEING. BOBBINS. RING SPINNING TUBES & OTHER PLASTIC PARTS IN VARIOUS POLYMERS AND ALSO STAINLESS STEEL DYEING MACHINES ACCESSORIES ONEREEL have specialized in the production of Plastic/Polymers mold and Tool making for the Textile & associated industries for over 35 years. The development in winding technology. Yarn package formation and the Yarn Dyeing equipment have led to greater utilisation and productivity and at the same time improved the quality of the yarns and their running properties. The Dye packages and Tubes are most important for an optimum Dyeing Cycle. The main features of an optimum Dye package are : ConicityWinding TechniquePackage FacePackage Edges and Tubes Under the trade name 'ONEREEL'. marketing permeable Cylindrical Tubes and Cones for Yarn Dyeing. An important advantage of Cylindrical Packages or Cheeses is that the liquor flow is effected symmetrically towards the center line of the package. Above all. the liquor flow is more favorable when dye tubes with a large diameter are used. The tubes from 'ONEREEL' permit the same uniform flow throughout the package. Moreover. a better utilization of the volume is achieved than with cones replacing conventional cones with cheeses. guarantees an optimal levelness of Dyeing and offers significant advantages from an economic point of view. 'ONEREEL' ADVANCE PRODUCTS TO REDUCE COSTS.'ONEREEL' product range having variety of items intended for every stage of yarn production. preparation for Spinning (Ring. Open-end. Self acting). Twisting. Winding and Package Dyeing.'ONEREEL' product range has been improved since few years with highly innovative and patented Yarn carriers in order to satisfy the necessities of the Package Dye sector especially which is under high development. The Policy of all new systems is the research to match the best Dyeing result with the easiest method to use yarn carriers; means to reach the following results that only the right Yarn Carrier can guarantee.Saving time while loading on the Dye vats.Automated loading simplification.Yarn compression production increases.Complete reliability & quality of yarn carrier in all production stages. THE 'ONEREEL' MOULDED PLASTIC PRODUCT RANGE FOR TEXTILE INDUSTRIES INCLUDESSPEED FRAME TUBES / RING SPINNING TUBES / YARN CARRIER DYE TUBESOE (OPEN END) TUBES / CHEESE TUBES/ SPEED FRAME TUBES2-FOR-1 TWISTER TUBE  / FLYER BOBBINSCYLINDRICAL WINDING TUBESONEWAY & REUSABLE UNIVERSAL PERFORATED TUBESONEWAY PRESS PERFORATED DYE TUBES(For Winding Machine and Double Twister)CYLINDRICAL PERFORATED DYE TUBES(For Winding & Open-end Machines)CONICAL PLAIN WINDING TUBES 4º 20`CONICAL PERFORATED DYEING TUBES  4º 20`CONICAL PERFORATED WINDING & DYEING TUBES  5º 57`(One Way & Multi way)CONICAL & CYLINDRICAL  PERFORATED SULZER TUBES (Preferably for weft feeding at gripper and Air Jet Weaving Machine)SEPARATORS AT RING SPINNING AND TWISTING FRAMES.DYE PRECISELY WITH 'ONEREEL' PP (PLASTIC) DYE TUBES. CONES & BOBBINSDYE TUBES & CONESDYEING MACHINE ACCESSORIESPLASTIC PERFORATED DYE TUBES & CONESPERFORATED CONES & CYLINDERICAL TUBESPERFORATED TUBES. WINDING CONES. CHEESE TUBESTEXTILE YARN & FIBER DYEING ACCESSORIESYARN PACKAGE DYEING - DYE  TUBES - DYE CONESPLASTIC TUBES FOR WINDING YARNSYARN CARRIERSPLASTIC PARTS. CONES. DYE TUBESCONES & CHEESES. RIBBON BOBBINES ON FLANGE DYE TUBES OF METAL & PLASTIC DYE TUBESPLASTIC PERFORATED DYE TUBE SUITABLE FOR FONG`S. THEN & OTHER YARN DYEING PLANTSAND ALSO-..YOUR `SINGLE SOURCE` SOLUTION OF DYEING ACCESSORIES FOR OUR FULLY DEVELOPMENT PRODUCT SUITABLE FORYARN & FIBRE DYEING MACHINESHTHP BEAM DYEING MACHINES JET DYEING MACHINES LIKETriangular Dye SpindlePerforated TubesLocking Caps with Bolts/PlatesSpacers for Dye ConesHead / Base PlatesDye Cones / TubesComplete Carrier with SpindleMain Circulating & Injection. Booster Pump & SparesMechanical Shaft Seals of all types & sizes.Rubber Door Sealing Gaskets & other Rubber parts SPARE PARTS & ACCESSORIES SUITABLE FOR ........Yarn & Fiber  Dyeing PlantsHTHP Beam Dyeing PlantsHTHP Jet Back Dyeing PlantsNormal Temp. Jet Dyeing PlantsHTHP Duper High Speed Jet Dyeing PlantSoft Flow Roto Stream Jet Dyeing Plants 'ONEREEL' PLASTIC DYE TUBES & CONES ARE THE ULTIMATE IN PLASTIC DYE TUBES & CONES FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE YARN STEAMING & DYEING.
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