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Digital Display Double-Head Precision Cutting Saw for Aluminum Window 2

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Digital Display Double-Head Precision Cutting Saw for Aluminum Window 2


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Equipment features1. This is one new designed machine which used for cutting profile of aluminum door and windows. curtain wall and corner connector.2. It has feature of easy operation. reliable performance. advanced technique and convenient maintenance. etc.3. It adopts imported OMRON control systems from Japan. with high accuracy and stability.4. The profile cutting size adopts the digital display technique to ensure high efficiency and accuracy.5. Imported carbide saw blade gives accurate processing and high efficiency.6. Two head can work together or single. when together work. one time can cut off the required length and angle            Main specification and technical parameter Power supply 380V 50Hz Saw-head motor power 2×2.2 KW Rotary speed2800r/min Operation air pressure 0.5MPa-0.8Mpa Cutting length Max.4200mm   Min.400mm Air consumption 60L/min Cutting width Max. 135mm Cutting height 900:max. 300mm   450:max. 200mm Cutting angle 90°45°67.5°(spare) Cutting speed stepless speed regulation   0-3m/min Blade specification500mm×4.4mm×30mm Z=120Repeat locating length allowance ±0.2mm Cutting profile surface plane ≤0.10mm Cutting angle allowance ±5' Cutting profile surface roughness Ra12.5um Contour dimension 5560mm×1750mm×1950mm Weight About 1800kg
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