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China Kingball Shear Machine (QC11K-12X4000) with CNC Controller Da41 Manufacturer

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China Kingball Shear Machine (QC11K-12X4000) with CNC Controller Da41 Manufacturer


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Hydraulic cnc shearing machine/cutting machine1. CE&ISO certified2. Compact concise appearance3. Operation is simple, adjust is reliableGuillotine Shearing machine List of Key components1. Main motor: Siemens Germany2. Major low voltage electrical: Schneider France3. Gear pump: Bosch Rexroth Germany4. Seal ring: Valqua Japan5. Hydraulic system: Bosc Rexroth Germany6. Ball screw, Linear guide: HIWIN Taiwan7. Servo Motor: ESTUN China8. CNC controller: Delem HollandFeatures and Specifications of Hydraulic cnc shearing machine1. The whole steels weld structure, the comprehensive processing(vibration time limited efficacy, hot)cancellation internal help dint, there are the good steel and stability.2. The integrated type liquid of adoption forerunner presses system, credibility good.3. Adopt an international advanced technique, four urns of shear to slice, raise to shear to slice quality.4. The razor blade cleft from move an adjustment, quick, accurate and convenient.5. The rectangle razor blade, four blades all can use, with long service life.6. Shear to slice Cape adjustable, reduce plank to anticipate to distort to transform.7. Last the knife the structure inside the adoption, easy to fall to anticipate, and can raise the accuracy of the work.8. Give to anticipate device behind.Hydraulic CNC shearing machine controllerE200S CNC SystemDAC310 CNC SystemDA360 CNC SystemContact:We also have the press brakes, rolling machines and other machines.For more about our products, please contact us. Thanks.Tel: 0086-52491558Nanjing Jinqiu CNC Machine Tool Co., LtdTypeCuttingThickness(mm)CuttingLength(mm)CuttingAngel(°)MaterialStrength(KN/CM)Stopper Adjust Range(mm)TravelTimesPower(kw)6×2500625000.5-1.5≤45020-60010-257.56×4000640000.5-1.5≤45020-60010-257.56×6000660000.5-1.5≤45020-8008-20118×2500825000.5-1.5≤45020-60010-25118×3200832000.5-1.5≤45020-60010-251112×25001225000.5-2≤45020-8006-2019.512×32001232000.5-2≤45020-8006-2019.512×40001240000.5-2≤45020-8006-2019.516×25001625000.5-2.5≤45020-8005-1518.516×40001640000.5-2.5≤45020-8005-1518.520×25002025000.5-3≤45030-8005-152220×40002040000.5-3≤45030-8004-153725×25002525000.5-3.5≤45040-8004-1537
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