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Concrete Block Mold Machine

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Concrete Block Mold Machine


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Concrete Block Mold MachineFeatures of concrete block mold machine1. The QT40-1 concrete block mold machine operates through the combination of the bottom die vertical oriented vibration and upper die pressurized vibration.2. Matched with the powerful vibration motor. block moldmachine can highly efficiently produce blocks of high density and uniform strength.3. Our concrete block machine applies the mold which is pulled and pushed by power. But the material unloading is manually handled.4. It is easy to operate and saves labor.5. The block molding machine is capable of manufacturing multi-standard air bricks. perforated bricks. or solid bricks.QT40-1 solid brick making machine price advantages1. Low cost: The whole line price is 4800USD.2. Easy operation: QT40-1 does not need engineer to install the machine. After assembling belt conveyor and connectin with power. you can use it direclty3. Labor saving: QT40-1 needs one person to operate mixer. one peron to operate brick machine. two person to transport the block.4. Space saving: QT40-1 occupy 60m2 workshop only. It does not have requests for brick storage area.5. Muti function: QT40-1 can make hollow block. solid brick by changing molds. The block brick sizes are customzied.Characteristics of concrete block mold machine1)Low cost: Low investment and high profit.2)Muti function: It can make various hollow block solid brick by changing molds. The block shape and size can be made as per your requests3)Easy operation: The machine does need installation. after connecting with power. you can use it directly.4)Space saving: The whole line takes up 60m2 workshop only5). Labor saving: The whole line takes up 5 person in total. 1 person feeding mateial. 1 person operate mixer. 1 person operate host machine. 2 person transport the blocks.Warranty: Our machine is covered with one year warranty. The spare parts will be replaced freelyTransportatin: QT40-1 block machine can be contained in 20Gp container with 600pcs of pallet You can also ship by LCLPayment termsA)QT40-1 block machine needs 25 days to finish production. The production cycle varys as per your mould quanitty and shapeB)30% down payment is paid before loading. 70% is paid before loading. L/C is acceptable.Company introdutionDONYUE Machinery Group Co.. Ltd. Is a Chinese manufacturer of dedicated machinery for construction blocks and panels. Our company offers complete production lines for premium building components such as the autoclaved sand-lime brick. autoclaved aerated concrete block. and autoclaved aerated concrete / autoclaved lightweight concrete panel. Additionally. we provide various types of pressure vessels and block-making machines. Our brick machine has been exported to more thn 60 countries. Oversea offices are built in India. Indoneisa. Vietam etc. We have 32 fly ash brick making machine plant in India. They spread in Bhubaneshwar. Coimbatore. Rajkot. Koltata. bangalore. Indore etc.Two after sale service centers and spare stock center are available in Ahmedabad and Bhubaneshwar.India engineers are well trained in China and can install the machine in India directly. By choosing DONYUE. customers can enjoy professional benefits with our dedicated services for design. installation. layout planning. technology transfer. and production guidance.
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