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Glazed Steel Aluminum Coils Simple Mini Slitting Machine Line

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Glazed Steel Aluminum Coils Simple Mini Slitting Machine Line


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Steel Coil Simple Mini Slitting Machine Line Specificationsteel plate slitting machine 1 easy to operate 2 no pollution 3 high quality and low priceTechnical Parameters1)      Material: cold rolled steel coils /colour-coated steel coils                  /aluminum coils;2)      Thickness: 0.25mm ~ 1.0mm;3)      Width: max. 100-1250mm;4)      Line speed: max. 20m/min.;5)      Machine size: 1700*1300*1200mm (length * width *height);6)      Numbers of slitting: max. 9 slits;7)      Cutting accuracy: 0.02mm;8)      Equipped with simple controller. Working Flow Feeding Rollers--Straightening --Slitting--Exit Roller--Shearing--Steel SheetPackaging & Shipping1.One 20ft container for loading one set machine 2.Spare parts and some small parts packed in plastic tooling box; 3.All Components Fixed by steel wire with Container.Company ProfileFAQQ:Are you a manufacturer A:Yes absolutely. Welcome a lot for your visiting to us.Q:What's the delivery time A:Normaly will take 60daysQ:Do you have after-sale support A:Yes. we're always here for giving you advice and support for technical details since we have senior technician. Q:Is there quality control when manufacturing the lines A:Yes. we have a group of team who will be responsible for quality control from laying off the raw material. processing the rollers and the other parts. make treatment on the roller surface and shaft. assembling. testing and packaging.Q:What's your strength comparing to the other supplier A:We'll supplying you the best quality and service. We'll give you good advise beyond your requirements. The lines are easily for installation and with low mantenance requirements.
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