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Construction Hoist Spare Parts Master Controller

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Construction Hoist Spare Parts Master Controller
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Advantage:1. compared to the frequency of the starting mode. the use of inverter control motor start significantly reduce the motor starting current to ensure the safe operation of the motor to extend the motor life;2. can achieve the motor speed stepless speed regulation. when the motor running at 50Hz above the high frequency. improve the efficiency of the lift. when the motor running at low frequencies. making leveling alignment becomes more accurate and easier.3. in the lift start. stop. run all the work phase. can achieve a smooth operation. the human body comfort was significantly higher. reducing the gear racks. brakes and other mechanical parts of the impact. an increase of its service life;4. its running stability is basically not affected by grid voltage fluctuations. and as low as 280V supply voltage. but also to ensure that the lift full load operation;5. the smooth operation of the lift from the power grid fluctuations. but also in the grid fluctuations in the site of the site. there will be no lift can not start or burn the motor phenomenon;6. the motor and reducer generally installed in the cage top. saving the cage space. so that the use of space within the cage larger.
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