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616dh Pulse Heat Press Cof Bonding Machine LCD/LED Screen Repair/TV Repair Tools

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616dh Pulse Heat Press Cof Bonding Machine LCD/LED Screen Repair/TV Repair Tools
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Model NO.618SHUse LCD Screen RepairTab BondingOther Name LCD Repair Bonding MachinePeak Power1500WVoltageAC220VHot Pressing TimeCan Be Set (S)Work Pressure0.3~0.4 (MPa) Machine Shape Size1800(L)X1200(W)X1520(H)mmPeak Temperature / - 0.3 Degrees CelsiusWeight450kgFeatures:1.Repair any inches below 100 inches.2.Refurbish black belt. the black line. the color line. ribbons. multi-line. flower screen. black screen. white show. caused by FPC/TAB/COF.3.Pulse heating precision /-0.3ºC4.From room temperature to 180 degrees response time for 2 seconds5.Plane precision (hot-pressing side) : 0.005 mm6. low repair rate. and easy to operate. Model number618SHHeating ModePulsePID Temperature Control System BrandSiemens temperature control moduleTemperature curve:Factory ResetPeak temperature   / - 0.3 degrees CelsiusFrom room temperature to 180 degrees response time for 2 secondsBrand:the United State OMEAGHeat Press HeadMaterials: titanium alloyPlace of origin: the United StatesPlane precision (hot-pressing side) : 0.005 mmIndustrial Control UnitPLCS:DELTAHDMI:Weinview Imaging Unit COF counterpoint: under counterpoint (optical path: lens>quartz>ITO electrode COF package)PCB counterpoint: noMicroscope magnification: 20 ~ 100 consecutive timesNumber of lens: 2COF counterpoint display: 19 inchPCB counterpoint display:noLight above:yesLight down:noCOF Trimming UnitPlace of origin: TaiwanType of guide rail:V guide railAccuracy: 0.01Adjustable direction: X/Y/RX-y range:   / - 6.5mmR range:coarse adjustment 360 degrees. fine adjustment   / - 5 degreesCOF FixtureMechanical clamping fixture way.Z to tilt radius can be adjusted/ Adjustable horizontal angel/COF can be extendedLens Fine-Tuning UnitType of guide rail: precise cross rail .Control mode: X - Y - Z micrometer controlPosition Detection NOSilicone Skin/TeflonChange position manuallyLCD Drive (Platform)Sliding or fixed optional manuallyAlarm Abnormal:temperature/thermocouple anomaly/actionsHeat Seal Head CounterpointIndependent pneumatic.Pressure reducing valve be adjusted manuallyControl WayTouch screen   button operationParameter SettingAccording to the need to set to storage more groups of hot-pressing parametersVoltageAC220 vPeak Power1500WWeight450kgSize Of Machine (mm)1800(L)X1200(W)X1520(H)mmWhat's the payment and delivery time Payment: Terms EXW/FOB/CIF. by T/T. 100% deposit in advance (Recommend). Or 50% deposit and 50% paid before deliveryDelivery time: About one week.How about the warranty Usually we provide 1 year standard warranty and whole life technical support.How about the training We provide two training method: factory training and video training.More detail please see here: TrainingHow you packing the machine when shipping LCD TV Repair Bonding Machine PackageHow can I install the machine after I received Here is a video of 618SH disassembly procedure. You can refer to it and do the opposite procedure.↓616DH Specification--Double Head Manual platform Automatic Pressure Machine1) Equipment Model Number:618SH (Double Head)2) Device Description :Repair screen machine / Bonding machine3) Device Uses :FPC. COF.TAB. LCD Panel and PCB combination bonding4) Applicable LCD panel specifications :7″-100″5) Applicable LCD panel thickness :0.3MM-1.1MM[Single glass]6) Bonding IC number :Multiple / Panel Can be set7) Bind direction :X or Y Unidirection8) Bonding IC size :Replaceable blade according to IC specifications (The original machine is equipped 50X1.4)9) Device processing time :TFT.3.8S/chip10) Production Beats :TAB.100 pcs/H11) Bonding Accuracy :Within ± 1.5μm (support 4K screen)12) Highest positioning accuracy setting :±0.5μm (Currently domestic the highest index)13) Equipment requirements the work environment :Clean. No dust. Clean room14) Supply Pressure :0.3~0.5Mpa (Dry air source)15) Power Supply :AC 220V±10%.50HZ.1500W16) Heating Type :Pulse (rapid heating / cooling and auxiliary cooling function)17) PID Temperature Control System :Brand: DELTAThe peak temperature : within /- 0.3 degrees CelsiusRoom temperature time to 180 degrees the response time within 2seconds18) Hot pressing head :Materials: Japan Titaniumorigin: United States 50*1.4Plane precision (hot press side) :0.001mmPlane thickness 0.5 (Reserved 3 times grinding)19) Thermocouple Type :K type Original US OMEGA wire20) Industrial control units / Programmer :DELTA PLC FX-C14T21) Image unit :Panasonic image processing systemCOF counterpoint: down counterpointPCB counterpoint : haveNumber of lenses : 2Microscopy: 30-120 Continuous zoomCOF Display: 19-inch HD X2PCB counterpoint the display : noUpper light source : haveDown light source : have22)COF trimming unit :Origin: TaiwanRail Type: U-rail (2056 high)Accuracy : 0.01Adjustable direction :X/Y/RR Itinerary : Coarse 360 degrees. fine tuning /- 5 degrees23)COF Fixture : COF mechanical clamping type. Z tilt radius micrometer trimming24) Lens spinner unit :Control mode: X / Y / Z micrometer controlFocus Adjustment: Manually adjust the focus25) Position detection : None26) Silicone / Teflon :Manual switching position27) LCD stage (platform) :Manual sliding or fixed optional .automatic stage can be customized28) Alarm device :Pressure abnormal/ temperature anomalies / thermocouple abnormal / action abnormal29) Hot press head counterpoint :Cylinder stop can be set at any position in the vertical direction30) Control mode :Touch screen button operation Using Taiwan's Wei Lun touch screen dual-core31) Parameter setting :According to the need to set up Store multiple sets of hot pressing parameters32) Rated voltage :180-220 (customizable 110V)33) Peak power :400-1500W 34) Maximum power :1500W35) Actual power :580W36) Body size :1800X1200x1520mm(L*W*H)37) Machine weight :450KGWith 616DH. we provide the accessories below for free.They are almost all the accessories needed by ACF/COF/TAB repairing. means no need buy other extra accessories.No.NameModel No.QuantityUnitSpecificationRemark1Double Head Bonding Machine618SH1SetSingle Head 2ACF Anisotropic Conductive FilmAC-7206U-181Piece1.2X50MGlass special3ACF Anisotropic Conductive FilmAC-2056R-351Piece2.0X50MPCB special4Acetone LiquidBT-H11Bottle500ML 5Absolute AlcoholCH3CH2OH2Bottle500ML 6ACF Removing LiquidG-4501Bottle500ML 7Hitachi Blue Glue 1Bottle100ML 8Fuji Silicone 1Piece50M 9Teflon 1Piece50M 10Heating Solder Iron 1Piece30W 11Alcohol Bottle 2Bottle  12TAB Cutter 1Piece  13Optical Microscope 1Piece  14LCD Test BoardHXV591Piece  15Air CompressorOTS5501Piece Mute Oil-free16Cleanroom Wipers 1Piece  17Cotton Swab 1Piece  18Handheld Magnifier 1Piece  19Precision TweezersElbow. Straight2Piece High Hardness Hyperfine
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