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Professional Manufacturer Acrylic Cutting and Polishing Machine

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Professional Manufacturer Acrylic Cutting and Polishing Machine


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MY-1600 acrylic daimond edge polisher machine:Acrylic diamond edge polisher machine is a specially used for smoothing acrylic & plastic sheet equipment. Its use of diamond cutting tools to carry out the exact amount reached acrylic mirror effect. Replace the traditional polishing processes (such as: Cloth round burnished & fire polishing ). A machine to reduce conventional artificial 20 to 30 workers.The finished surface is transparent and clean and better for straight. no dust and low wastage. It's applied to the fancy acrylic products. crystal articles and delicate process and product quality and relevance of the extremely high efficiency.Advantages:1) Working length is 1600mm or unlimited .2)0°-60° angles to be any adjusted.3) Three pcs cutting tools to accelerate the polishing  speed  . and  polishing surface to get  mirror effect.4) The button panel will make the operation more simple and  easy.5) Product guarantee: One year for the machine except cutting tools . If the machine  works 8 hours a day. about 5 months need to be resharpen. Acrylic polisher samples show:
Machine size
Complete power
≤ 5.5KW
Power supply
AC50-60HZ 3PH 380V/220V
Complete weight
Principal axis speed
The polishing depth
Polishing Speed
polishing manner
Principal axis feeding
Polishing angle
Work area
Compressed air
Size of dust mouth
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