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Steam Heating Paragraphed Autoclave with Triple Safety Interlocking Protection

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Steam Heating Paragraphed Autoclave with Triple Safety Interlocking Protection


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SINOMAC autoclave could be used to make hollow block bricks for building and construction. Size and Speficication could be standard or customized to meet differernt customers' requirements.1. Structure OverviewThe major part of the equipment consists of assembly body. lid device. pendulous device . safety device. support. lid insulating layer. sealing arrangement. pipeline valve and meter. etc. The accessories include drainage. electrical control system and safety interlocks.  1.Swing device2.Lid device (insulated )3.Manual reducer4.Autoclave body5.Rail device6.Middle support7.Movable support8.End support9.Movable support base plate10.End support base plate11.Movable support use roller12.End support use roller13.Movable support use fin14.End support use fin15.Movable support plate16.End support plate17.Limited plate18.Limited stop iron19.Spring31.Foundation bolt M24×50032.Nut M2433.Washer 2434.Washer 1435.Circlips for shaft 1536.Oil cup37.Drainage cover 1.1 Assembly body. It refers to the whole part of barrel and body flange welded. The 40 teeth equally distributed around the body flange are meshed with the 40 relevant teeth distributed on the lid flange. The bottom of the autoclave lays track. which used to run or park trolley car. The outside of the body is fixed with different tube socket and joint chair. which used for admission and exhaust of steam. exhausting condensed water and installing different meters and valves.  1.2 Lid device.It is welded by lid flange. bevel plate and dome. The lid is lifted on the top of body by handle and brachyaxis and is able to turn round freely. The opening and closing of the autoclave is through the meshing of the 40 teeth around the lid flange and 40 teeth around the body flange.  1.3 Swing device.It consists of spindle. cantilever. support plate. roller plate. counterweight. etc. It is installed on the top of autoclave and connects with the lid handle through the counterweight. playing a role in overhanging and turning round the lid device.  1.4 Safety device. It is fixed to the side of the body and consists of safety handle. base. extension bar and ball valve. When the lid closed. safety handle turns horizontal to lock the lid and the exhaust ball valve closes at the same time. When opening the lid. operator turns safety handle to vertical and the ball valve opens. In order to avoid danger. the lid can be opened only after all of the residual air is exhausted through ball valve.  1.5 Support. It is used to support the body and can be divided as fixed support. mobile support and end support. In order to adapt to the need of body expansion. except the middle support fixed. the others can move axially along the body with the help of pin roller.  1.6 Lid insulating layer. It mainly consists of insulating materials. framework. and guard board. preventing the heat losing when autoclave is on operation. (Users can decide the thickness of the insulating material according to its properties.) 1.7 Sealing arrangement. It consists of seal ring. stop valve and admission elbow. Seal ring is inlaid in the sealing groove of the body flange. In the section of the pressure boosting. external supply of steam enters into the seal groove through elbow and valves. putting pressure on the seal ring to seal lid end face. When it reaches to the rated pressure. the autoclave sealed with the pressure its own through elbow.  1.8 Valves and instructments. It consists of pressure gage. safety valve. thermal resistance. ball valve. pressure transmitter. zero-pressure controller. assuring the safe operation autoclave. 1.9 Drainage. It plays a role of exhausting condensed water and consists of drainage pipeline connector. steam trap. blow-down valve. It connects with the flange in the bottom of autoclave. The condensed water is continuously exhausted through steam trap after sedimentation in the connector. Blow-down can exhaust condensed water and sludge non-scheduled.  1.10 Electric control cabinet. It consists of pressure indicator. temperature indicator. pressure warning unit (interlock control indicator). assuring the safety operation of the autoclave.  1.11 Steam-electricity safety interlocks. It consists of control cabinet. pressure controller. reducer locking device assembly. assuring the safety operation of the autoclave.(Only when the door is put in the precalculated position. safety handle is turned to horizontal direction and the electromagnetic lock is locked. the admission of the steam is allowed. Only when the inner pressure is exhausted below the security level. the ball valve is allowed to open and electromagnetic lock is allowed to unlock and then the autoclave door is enable to open. During the section of closing door and boosting. if there is one door not put in place or the electromagnetic lock is not locked. the lid is not closed indicator light turns on. at the same time the bell rings to warn operators when the pressure is boosted to a index value after admission of steam.) 2. Technical Monopoly 2.1 Autoclave of hydraulic automatic opening-door device (ZL 2011 2 0025592.4)2.2 Posses autoclave of automatic door operator (ZL 2011 2 0025674.9)2.3 Worktable of cutting kettle tooth (ZL 2011 2 0025738.5)2.4 The pressure drainage device of autoclave (ZL 2011 2 0025595.8)2.5 Electrical safety interlock device of autoclave (ZL 2011 2 0026871.2)3. Production Technology3.1 After welding the door. it must be proceed annealing heat treatment.3.2 Polish toothed cutter of flange of autoclave body. and carry out magnetic particle testing.3.3 Use double scale container board. and ensure the longitudinal joint of each section.3.4 Carry out the physical and chemical test (stretch. impact). ensure its strength.3.5 Welds are 100% X-ray detection. then carry out hydraulic test of 2.1MPa after passing.      The whole process is complete inspected by CSEI factory inspection. and leave factory after stamp and signature.4. Safety Interlocking Protection4.1 Manual reducer has mechanical interlocking. and operator can not rotate it when the autocalve has pressure inside.4.2 It has a manual limit safety interlocking device. Blocking the door manually and when it is unlocked. we can open the door.4.3 It has an electric limit safety interlocking device. It works with item 4.2 and connects with electric cabinet. When rotating it with pressure. sound-light alarm will happen.5. Autoclave Specification ItemNameUnitØ1.65×LØ2.0×LØ2.5×LØ2.68×LØ2.85×LØ3.0×LØ3.2×LØ3.5×L1Inner dia.m1.6522.52.682.8533.23.52LengthmAccording to user's requirement3Design pressureMpa1.64Design temp.ºC2045Working pressureMpa1.56Working temp.ºC2019Shell thicknessmm14162020/2620/2620/2622/2622/268Main material Q345R-GB713.16MnII-NB/T47008.20-GB/T8163.20-GB99489Structure typeSingle door or double doors10Medium Saturated steam amd condensed water11Inside railmm600×200600×150800×200800×2501220×32012KG12KG15KG24KG38KG12Door opening  Manual.electrical.hydraulic pressure.pneumatic swing-up door or side-opening door 6. Professional WorkshopFrom SINOMAC team with powerful design and development capabilities.
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