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Acrylic Material for Light Guide Double Edges Polishing Machine My-1306

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Acrylic Material for Light Guide Double Edges Polishing Machine My-1306


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Acrylic Material for  Ligth Guide double edges polishing machine  MY-1306MYD-1360 double edges polishing machine to solve the traditional polishng machine accuracy can not be controlled, the processing size can be controlled less than 0.1mm, fully meet the light guide plate production and high-precision processing requirement of the enterprises. In the processing of size, to satisfy the majority of samll and medium plate production enterprises with small batch sizes and varieties. Basically to achieve full sizes requirements, such as LCD18 to 52 and a flat lamp 600 X 600 mm, 600 X 1200 mm, 300 X 1200 mm can be produced. It's the unique of MYD-1670 double edges polishing machine.Advantages:1) High speed and the polishing precision within 0.015mm in the light guide plate, specialized for production of high precision machining requirements of enterprises, such as: Light guide plate, a liquid crystal screen, flat lamp etc.2)For acrylic products, high precision, high speed requirements can process3) The machine adopts steel structure, stability, anti-deformation.4) With its anti-collision function. Detachable tool using the dial gauge cutter, pocket knife, knife regulating accurate fast.5). Product guarantee: One year for the machine except cutting tools. If the machine works 8 hours a day, about 5 months need to be resharpen.Technical Parameter:Model: MYD-1360Machine size:3290 * 2230*1360mmComplete power4.8KWPower supply:  AC50-60HZ 3PH 380V/220VComplete weight2000KGPrincipal axis speed0-9000r/minPrincipal axis depth cut 0-1mmCutting Speed0-1000mm/minCutting manner Workpiece feeding Cutting angle0°Work areaL:0-1300 mm,W:60-600mm,T:0- 120mmCompressed air0.6-0.8MpaSize of dust mouth100mm
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