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Passenger Hoist Spare Parts Master Controller

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Passenger Hoist Spare Parts Master Controller
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Frequency control construction lift performance characteristics:1. running smoothly. no impact. ride comfort strong.2. the speed can be adjusted to start using low-speed. normal operation using high-speed. improve work efficiency.3. the starting current is less than the rated working current. the power supply equipment requirements are lower.4. start the moment gear and rack drive impact is small. effectively reduce the moving parts wear and tear. the motor brake frequency converter and motor brake coordination action. the motor low speed brake. brake disc wear greatly reduced. extended brake disc Reduced service life.5. full load rise of the working current and the general lift is basically the same. no load or light load rise and fall when the working current is very small. can save more than 30% of energy. energy saving and environmental protection effect is remarkable.6. the use of hardened surface reducer. compact structure. high transmission efficiency. bearing capacity. long service life
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