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Automatic CNC PLC Controller Sheet Metal Mesh Perforated Machine

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Automatic CNC PLC Controller Sheet Metal Mesh Perforated Machine
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J21S Series Deep Throat Punch Press.Deep throat Power Press Fly Press For Sale  Solar Water Heater Machinery.Single Point Power Press. Deep Throat Punch Press 100ton eccentric punch machine Jc21s Series Fixed-Table automatic CNC plc controller sheet metal mesh perforated machineJB21 deep throat punch press is a suitable open type crank press featuring a left and right open type machine body (i.e. C-shaped machine body). Its steel plate welded body has high shock-absorbing performance. Its novel overall design gives the machine elegant appearance. Its throat has certain depth. The compact structure makes the use convenient and operation safe. The punch press is equipped with a turn-key rigid clutch. a cam band brake and a press-down type safety device. Its working table is open on three sides. so the mold loading and unloading and operation are convenient. The punch press is widely used for it provides good conditions for mechanization and automation. And as main equipment for plate punching production. the punch press can be used for punching holes. blanking. trimming. bending. shallow stretching and forming in national defense. aerospace. automobile. tractor. motor. electrical appliance. bearing. instruments. agricultural machine and tool. bicycle. sewing. mechanical appliance. daily hardware and coinage departments.  100 ton Fix Table Deep Throat Power Press Fly Press For Sale Solar Water Heater Machinery.63 Ton Deep Throat Punching Machine Deep throat stamping press JB21S-100 ton Deep throat 63ton power press Punching machine . eccentric punch machine J21S Series Deep Throat Punch Press.Deep throat Power Press Jc21s Series Fixed-Table Deep Throat Press (JC21S-250) Single Point Power Press. Deep Throat Punch Press 100ton J21s-80t Deep Throat Power Press machine with Feeding System automatic CNC plc controller sheet metal mesh perforated machineThe Machine of Whole structure and Characteristics:J23 Series Presses is one of the new generation of plate process and developed by Primapress company.The press is for cutting. punching. blanking. bending and light stretching work1. C- frame provides maximum rigidity and minimum deflection for accurate parts and long tool life.Steel-welded frame. high rigidity and less deformation Compact.Thick plates and large columns provide you with the stable platform you need for your demanding application.2. Wide body frame eliminating vibration for improved ide life and machine.which means economical and practical. Operation space is wide. and the movable bolster could be moved out of frame to set the die. The structure is simple beautiful.3. High accuracy. high efficiency. simple and convenient operation. good performance. favorable price and best service. Deep throat 63ton power press Punching machine . eccentric punch machineTransmission control and brake systems:1. Use the combine of dry friction clutch and brake pneumatic.rigid interlocking.reliable piece of friction material semi-metallic friction material SMFM-88.less pollution. long life. With the transfer torque. rotational inertia is small. smooth transmission. flexible operation. convenient of installation and maintenance2. Die height adjustment of slider with manual mode. the scale display. Extended by four triangular rail. easy adjustment.3.Use double safety valve to ensure the accurate implementation of the clutch instruction.4. Electrical control is installed PLC. 8 group cam controller. reliable action.5. Electrical control adopts Omron PLC for centralized control. improved machine reliability6. Proximity switch with 8 groups consisting of Schneider cam controller. reliable synchronization detection and monitoring.7. Machine is with both hands button and foot switch to achieve continuous.single and inching practices.8. Can move the ram up slowly.which allows the operator to control Mold adjustment conveniently.Ram adjustment and Structure:1. Adjustable stroke machine. slide stroke to achieve a certain level within the range of adjustable. body steel plate welded structure. the whole body is tempered. use the secondary transmission. the transmission part of the crankshaft horizontal Placement. flywheel and gear are the external open style. easy maintenance.2. Slider is a cast box structure and rigid. Collapse of the slider-style installation of pressure overload protection device. simple structure.if the slider overload. the fuse collapse is damaged. then protect the machine tool and die from damage. automatic CNC plc controller sheet metal mesh perforated machineElectrical system and the safety interlock:1. Electrical components are imported or from Sino-foreign joint Venture.in accordance with international standards.reliable safety.long life.good anti-interference ability.a radiation unit is fitted in electrical cabinet.2. Protective fence and the safety interlock to ensure the operation safety. Have a movable single-hand pedal switch.easy to operate.7. Wearing PartsItemsName Part No specification Material Pcs.per M/C 1 Sleeve 3009 ∮18×∮30×16 ZQSn5-5-5 1 2 Driving Key 3014 ∮50×350 T7 1 3 Non-return key 3015 ∮50×290 -dO- 1 4 Safety disc 4011 ∮105×30 HT200 2 5 Brake band 6002/6003 75×759×7.5 08F/Brass wire rein-forced as bestos 1 6 Cam 9001 67×85×25 40Cr 1 7 Spring 4002 2.5×20×150 65Mn 1 8. Attachment supplied with machine Item Name Specification Material Pcs.per M/C 1 Single end wrench S91-265 45 1 pcs 2 Safety disc ∮105×30 HT200 2 pcs 3 Brake band 75×759×7.5 08F/Brass wire rein-forced as bestos 1 pcs Detailed Photos: About Prima Factory: Nanjing Prima CNC Machinery Co.. Ltd. is located in the center of China's machine tool industry. Mingjue Industrial Park . Shiqiu Town. Lishui Zone. Nanjing  Our company specializes in Table type CNC Fiber Laser cutting machine. exchangeable table cnc fiber laser cutting machine. press brake. shearing machine . ironworker. punching machine . HVAC ducting machine and other metal forming forging equipment development and sales. our product positioning in the middle-top quality class. We commit a modern enterprise management methods. committed management and meticulous management and zero defect operation. Based on the quality of the product management. its excellent quality. innovative design. reasonable price. and improve after-sales service to win the majority of Chinese and foreign customers praise. Primapress Brand sheet metal processing equipment. Widely used in automobile manufacturing. communications. computers and so on. Prima CNC insist on leading technology strategy. positioning in the do-class machine. a first-class brand. the high level of long-term sales of CNC machine tools in the process. not only to cultivate a number of series of numerical control products. while cultivating a group of skilled. practical style of high-quality workforce. Enterprises have their own research and development institutions. with the domestic strong product research and development of skills. Primapress specializes in the export business. our company already has CE certification and have one international after-sales team . Our machines are widely exported to Southeast Asia. EU. USA . South America. the Middle East and other markets around 100 nations with good quality. suitable price. comprehensive after-sales service. was widely welcomed by customers and unanimously approved. Our company ambition is build quality brand. do excellent machine.it is also the company's entrepreneurial spirit and look forward to domestic and overseas friends to visit. FAQ:  Q1. Trade company or manufacturer A: We manufacturerQ2. Is it easy to operate for the new user A: very easy Q3. What should I do when the machine is in trouble  A: Take photos and videos and contact our sales at once.   Q4: How long does it take to learn how to operate a laser cutting machine A: A couple of hours Q5: Is it harmful to human body when in operation A: no.very safe.Product introduction
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