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Electromagnetic Chuck Controller Electro Permanent Magnet Design

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Electromagnetic Chuck Controller Electro Permanent Magnet Design


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Electromagnetic chuck controller electro permanent magnet design Application of electro permanent magnetic chuckThis kind of electromagnetic chuck controller is widely suitable for machining. machining center. CNC machining center. etc. Features of electro permanent magnetic chuck1. Super strong electromagnetic chuck controller disk-2000kg/100cm. permanent electronic structure design 2 seconds demagnetization.2. The use of the time is not required to continue to supply. no temperature rise. will not be due to temperature rise caused by the distortion of the workpiece.3. Electro permanent magnet design with magnetic soft claw use. processing tool unimpeded. do five surface processing. drilling. tapping. slot milling. forming a completed.4. Eectromagnetic chuck controller greatly improve the efficiency of the work efficiency to reduce the accuracy of the positioning tolerance to meet the accuracy requirements. the complete agreement to shorten the time of the workpiece.5. The holding electro permanet magnetic chuck area can cover the full range of processing. and can process multiple workpieces at the same time. Specification of electro permanent magnetic chuck  Item No.Length Width HeightNet Weight(Kgs)GME-PMC-703070030080101GME-PMC-704070040080135GME-PMC-705070050080170GME-PMC-803080030080115GME-PMC-804080040080155GME-PMC-805080050080190GME-PMC-903090030080130GME-PMC-904090040080175GME-PMC-904590045080195GME-PMC-905090050080215GME-PMC-1030100030082150GME-PMC-1035100035082175GME-PMC-1040100040082200GME-PMC-1050100050082250GME-PMC-1230120030080180GME-PMC-1240120040082240GME-PMC-1250120050082300GME-PMC-1550150050087405GME-PMC-2060200060090650  Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck Packing For Reference
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