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Hot-Sale Chinese Hollow Block Brick Machine Autoclave

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Hot-Sale Chinese Hollow Block Brick Machine Autoclave


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We use material of Q345R-GB713.  16MnII flange.  φ 133× 25 tubes. Our autoclave is used for block brick making and moudling and other brick processing  procedures.Autoclave made in OLYMSPAN1 Patents we possess at present:A) Autoclave of hydraulic automatic opening-door device (ZL 2011 2 0025592.4)B) Posses autoclave of automatic door operator (ZL 2011 2 0025674.9)C) Worktable of cutting kettle tooth (ZL 2011 2 0025738.5)D) The pressure drainage device of autoclave (ZL 2011 2 0025595.8)E) Electrical safety interlock device of autoclave (ZL 2011 2 0026871.2)2. Materials:A) Q345R-GB713 of Hangang in Hebei.B) 16MnII level of making flange forgingC) φ 133× 25 tube to make DN100 and the material is 20-GB9948.3. Process:A) After welding theB) Use double scale container board. and ensure the longitudinal joint of each section.C) Carry out the physical and chemical test (stretch. impact). ensure its strength.D) Welds are 100% X-ray detection. then carry out hydraulic test of 2.1MPa after passing. The whole process is complete inspected by CSEI factory inspection. and leave factory after stamp and signature.4. Safety interlock protection:A) Hand speed reducer installs mechanical interlocking. and we don't move when there's pressure in kettle.B) Equip with manual limited safety interlocking device. stuck kettle manually. and when it opens. then we can open the door.C) Equip with electric limited safety interlocking device. use cooperatively with manual limit. and connect with electric cabinet. rotating electrical ark with pressure and sound-light alarm.Specification & ParametersItemTypeFGZSS1.5-1.65*LFGZCS1.5-2*LFGZSS1.5-2.5*LFGZSS1.5-2.68*LFGZSS1.5-2.85*LFGZCS1.5-3*LFGZCS1.5-3.2*LInner diameterØ 1.6mØ 2mØ 2.5mØ 2.68mØ 2.85mØ 3mØ 3.2mLength*1LLLLLLLDesigned pressure1.6Mpa1.6Mpa1.6Mpa1.6Mpa1.6Mpa1.6Mpa1.6MpaDesigned temperature*2204°C204°C204°C204°C204°C204°C204°CMax operation pressure1.5Mpa1.5Mpa1.5Mpa1.5Mpa1.5Mpa1.5Mpa1.5MpaMax operation temperature201°C201°C201°C201°C201°C201°C201°CMediumSaturated steamTrack gauge/height600mm/150mm600mm/150mm800mm/200mm800mm/250mm963mm/280mm1220mm/320mm1220mm/320mmCorrosion allowance2mm2mm2mm2mm2mm2mm2mmMuch more about AAC Autoclave1. What is AAC Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (often shortened to 'AAC') is effectively concrete with lots of closed air pockets in it. It is lightweight and energy efficient. and is produced by adding a foaming agent to concrete in a mould. then wire cutting blocks or panels from the resulting cake and cooking it with steam (autoclaving). The autoclaved aerated concrete blocks have been used in Europe for more than 50 years. AAC has a moderate embodied energy content and performs very well as thermal and sound insulation. due to the aerated structure of the material and the unique combination of thermal insulation and thermal mass properties. AAC is light. does not burn. is an excellent fire barrier. and is able to support quite large loads. It is relatively easy to work with and can be cut and shaped with hand tools. Blocks are made to very exacting dimensions and are usually laid in thin-bed mortar that is applied with a toothed trowel. although more conventional thick-bed mortar can be used. AAC has a long life and does not produce toxic gases after it has been put in place.2. AAC land and workshop requirement50. 000 m3 ~ 100. 000 m3. workshop requires 2. 000 m² And the land requires 8. 000 m²150. 000 m3. workshop requires 2. 500 m² And the land requires10. 000 m²200. 000 m3 ~300. 000 m3. workshop is 3. 000 m² And the land requires 15. 000 m²Above please refer to. the bigger the better.model SN-BGF2045SN-BGF2550SN-BGF2650SN-BGF2660SN-BGF2860SN-BGF2880SN-BGF3060SN-BGF3080SN-BGF3360SN-BGF3380SN-BGF33100SN-BGF33120SN-BGF33150SN-BGF3560SN-BGF3580SN-BGF35100SN-BGF35120SN-BGF35150SN-BGF3680
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