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Kenya Zambia Uganda Maize Corn Flour Milling Machine

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Kenya Zambia Uganda Maize Corn Flour Milling Machine


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Kenya Zambia Uganda Maize Corn Flour Milling MachineMaize corn flour milling machines industrial for Kenya Zambia Uganda Flour mill machine running in Africa.Japan technology maize degerminating flour milling machinery.1- Good maize /corn flour milling machine.We do the design. manufacture. installation. test running and training. Offer spare parts.2- The corn / maize flour milling machine can produce super white maize meal.grits.bran. farina and semoule 3- The capacity we can do is from 5ton per 24h to 500ton per 24hour.4- we supply one year spare parts for free. in the future we can supply you at a best price.5- Branch office in Lusaka ZAMBIA .every two months we will send technician team to KENYA .UGANDA .ZAMBIAWe can meet there and discuss all details face to face. Flow sheet for the maize flour machine: Techniques flow Grits: Raw maize →Cleaning →Moisture adjust →Peel and break →Embryo Select →Milling →Finishedproduct Cleaning flow:Raw maize →combined cleaner →conditioning damper →Horizontal Scourer →condition bin→ Clean maize This is the flow sheet of maize and corn flour processing machine:  Specifications for the flour milling machines:1. CAPACITY:PROCESSING MAIZE 50T/24H2. EXTRACTION RATE 1)Super maize meal:60-78% maize germ and bran:22%-40%2)Special maize meal:65%-80% maize germ and bran 20%-35%3)Maize samp:10-50% super maize meal:10-50%Special maize meal:10%(around) fine flour:10%(around)3.Workshop: (L×W×H):36m×12m×8m4. Power supply: About185kW5.Container:2*40' 1*20' container6.Installing time: two months.The maize corn milling machine have other capacity.like 10 ton/24hr. 20t/24h.30t/24h.100t/24hr 150t/24h .you will find the one best suitable for your needs!!!This is the 50t/24h maize mill line running in Congo since 2019. Our market for the maize/corn flour milling machine:CapacityCountriesYear20tons/24h maize flour mill       Zimbabwe2009.2012.2019Congo2010Cameroon2010Kenya2019Zambia2011.2012.2019.2019.2019RD Congo20112019.Uganda2011.2019.2019.Angola2011.201950tons/24h maize flour mill       Malawi2009.2019Kenya2010.2019.2019.2019Zimbabwe2010.2019RD Congo2010.2019.2019Argentina2010Venezuela2010Zambia2010.2019.2019.2019Uganda2011.2019.2019100tons/24h maize flour mill South Africa2010.2019Venezuela2010150Ton/24h maize mill Zambia 2019Kenya2019500Ton/24h maize millSouth africa 2012.2019.2019   Contact us -Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co..Ltd.Tony YaoMobile no: 86 18330112982www.wheatmaizemill.com   We are MANUFACTURER  maize and corn flour milling machines.corn flour /corn grits milling machinery/mill corn gritsFor more details. we talk further by email. Feel free to send your inquiry below!Running corn milling machine in Kenya Commecial maize flour milling machine installed in Zambia.
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